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Steven Mullaney Some shoddy piece of card means nothing! If you love me, bake me a cake!
14 Feb 2010

Steven Mullaney hates Christmas parties, I feel sick; all that ‘being nice’ stuff - I really shouldn’t drink the free red wine.
30 Dec 2009

Steven Mullaney Feels this pending hangover is going to be as welcome as a Jehovah Witness with Syphilis knocking on the door at six in the morning.
27 Dec 2009

Steven Mullaney Oh, how I hate you. I hate you so much it gives me energy. I have to get up early in the morning just to hate you because there's not enough time in the day!
25 Dec 2009

Steven Mullaney I can put up with a lot of things; hip hop music about lip gloss, people that wear Mickey Mouse hands on hats whilst dancing to the alphabet song, people that think Cliff Richard actually exists. But Jesus Christ! How does one justify selling a Christmas dinner with only ‘ONE’ pig in blanket?
21 Dec 2009

Steven Mullaney Not a problem that can't be cured with a little red wine, except leprosy perhaps.
13 Dec 2009

Steven Mullaney Is feeling as random as a pink elephant eating a banana peel in a pool of spatulas baby! x
21 Oct 2009

Steven Mullaney Help, NO WINE LEFT, head sobering, reminiscences forming, what is happening to me! Help me!!
19 Oct 2009

Steven Mullaney Is a bad person, has always been, and yet you people are always surprised!
21 Sep 2009

Steven Mullaney Hasn’t been this puzzled since Mr Bailey showed him a kiwifruit in 1998
20 Sep 2009

Steven Mullaney thinks there’s too many people in this world, only really need about six.
29 Aug 2009

Steven Mullaney is never going outside again... unless I need someplace to throw up, which may be very soon thanks to this perpetual hang-over
22 Aug 2009

Steven Mullaney is not amused, Facebook is broken, wonder if MySpace will take me back? I’ll buy some flowers.
16 Aug 2009

Steven Mullaney It’s all your fault I’m drunk, look at you all, all over the place like a nest of pigs! If I wasn’t trapped here I wouldn’t have so much to blot out.
31 July 2009

Steven Mullaney This little piggy stayed home
14 July 2009

Steven Mullaney Run, run, as fast as you can! You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!
27 June 2009







Existence Of Reality
The Existence of Reality


Time, and the very existence of everything that is the human concept of reality, is the measurement of what is potentially, immeasurably potential.  Emotions, fear, hate, pain, joy, love, and so on, are conceived to sustain the organism’s existence, and are required to develop what is better known as ‘experience’.  Consciousness is the ability to observe what you think is reality. We’re intimately hooked into the very existence of reality, without observation there would just be, this, expanding superposition of possibilities, with nothing definite ever actually happening.  Every attempt spent on studying particles beyond a certain level, is flawed by the very act of studying. There is no one electron; an electron or any elementary particle exists only in relationship to other particles, or even the universe at large. This means that deeply enough, when you dive down into the nature of matter, everything we know about the everyday world dissolves. There are no objects any more, there are only relationships. There is no locality anymore; there is no time anymore. The more you look at something in detail and what we think of as solid matter, the less solid it begins to look.
The only realities we know are the ones our brain manufactures. A brain receives millions of signals every minute, and we organize them into holograms which we project outside ourselves and label reality. Everything you smell, taste, feel, and see, are simply electrical signals interoperated by your brain. However, it is this very said ‘hologram’ that creates what is, although not, essentially real; what you see as existence, is so because you observe it as, what is, existent. The fabricated reality is reality because you defined the observation that you have presented yourself with. A spatula has the ‘potential’ to turn into a pink elephant, it doesn’t because of consciousness and its perceived concept of the reality it is presented and is collectively responsible for. So, more interestingly, what is then the raison d'être of our consciousness? Is sustaining the existence of what is existence to us the meaning of life?

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The uncertainty principle certainly applies at a fundamental level. But macroscopic events would still occur in a reasonably predictable way even in the absence of observers. We can't pin the absolute location *and* momentum of a particle concurrently, but we can work with averages.


The uncertainty principle certainly applies at a fundamental level. But macroscopic events would still occur in a reasonably predictable way even in the absence of observers. We can't pin the absolute location *and* momentum of a particle concurrently, but we can work with averages.


It must be a bit simplified so its hard to actually understand it on the same level as the physicists do, so it would be a a bit premature to even try and make any conclusions about it. I'd have to learn a bit more but its very interesting.

I love rain

I briefly saw on the oneshow(i think) that life on earth was introduced from alien faeces. That has nothing to do with quantum mechanics. But just like when the alien's poo was jettisoned into the cold void of space....i thought i would put it out there.

E Dub

Its highly likely life originated off this planet I think. We have been trying to create life for decades by reproducing the theoretical conditions in which life can be created. All experiments have failed so my conclusion is that we where wrong about knowing how life formed. Life I think is formed by a yet unknown phenomnoma

E Dub

Correct, their is no meaning or reason of life. Only a point of life, which is to survive and continue.

E Dub

Nothing is real until it has been observed, literally. Mad thought.

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