Only Silly Cats Smoke Pipes

Random Boo Presents

Exclamation of contempt occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern.

As random as a pink elephant eating a banana peel in a pool of spatulas!  It’s not a crime fighting elephant, nor is it very good at Call of Duty. But the elephant is random, so random in fact; it’s not an  elephant at all, but a huge spaceship with long legs that eats dried apricots and Lego bricks. It has developed a means of selling Wi-Fi on the black-market to Garden Gnomes who plan to take over Facebook!  Seriously it is all rather disconcerting. Even now! There’s a Gnome in my garden, urinating!

Writer's Statement

Following a lifelong ardor for the visual arts, my interest was enslaved by the poetic, almost ruthlessly influential potential of words. Since being devoured by the thrilling complexity and rhythm of literature, I pursued my new love and successfully produced and maintained several blogs, one of which focused on creative writing. I’ve also created a number of short stories with my first tale being published in the First Edition Magazine. Be it the words flow majestically like a symphony of fire or like an infection scratching its way from within. I aim to liberate the English language from its sterile slumber and ignite its heart once more.

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As utterly pointless as a broken pencil

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Whilst our sensors are stimulated by our surroundings, the translation process is then distorted by the perpetual invasion of light and dark that governs our reasoning, it is this emotional depiction of reality that captures my interest, and with a little emphasised contrast, reducing what is but a reflection to a fairy tale.